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An Unexpected Move    A journey across the country and back again, with a little divine intervention at play, drove Glenn and Jane Karuschkat to make a life changing decision. After living their whole lives thus far in Long Island, New York, they packed up their belongings and their beloved bird, Petunia, and headed south to East Tennessee in search of their new home. When asked why they chose Tennessee, Glenn and Jane shared their amazing story with us.

“We were on a trip for Glenn’s business. We had a job in Seattle and one in Houston so we decided to make it a road trip and drive. Now, before we started this trip I consulted with two psychics in different places. They both said to me ‘You are going to be taking a trip and on this trip you will be finding a new place to live.’ This was the farthest thing from our minds. We have five grandchildren and a home we love. The last night [of the trip] we stayed in Nashville and on our way home the car started acting weirdly. The AC wasn’t working and then it started to smell. We had planned to make it home in one fell swoop to New York but the universe saw differently. We broke down on 81 at the exit for Jonesboro at Highway 93. So we drove slowly to see if we could find someone to repair the car and the roads here are just magnificent. We were looking around and we just keep saying ‘Wow, this is really beautiful.’ In the hotel lobby there was a beautiful spiral bound book put out by the Greeneville Chamber of Commerce and Glenn’s reading the statistics of the area and we paused, looked at each other and started laughing. We both knew it was divine intervention that we were there.”

The Home Search    As soon as the two were back home in New York, Jane started making calls to set the wheels in motion. One of the first people she contacted was Andrew at Clayton Homes of Greeneville to discuss their options. Jane was very excited about the new manufactured and modular homes being offered today but Glenn needed a bit more convincing that a mobile home was in his future. “I asked him to keep an open mind,” Jane stated as she told of their first visit to the Clayton Home Center. “I was not into modular homes,” Glenn shared. “All I knew were single wide trailers and I didn’t even want to go see them. I was really closed. I decided to humor Jane and go take a look.”

Immediately, Glenn’s outlook on manufactured homes started to change. “They were wonderful from the start,” Jane began. “Andrew was great! He took the time to ask us questions about where we lived and what we wanted and then he showed us 3 to 4 homes. He was spot on. He didn’t try to do anything but be honest and tune in to what we liked.” It was the third home they viewed that day that hit the jackpot. They both agreed that it was the “wow factor” they experienced when they saw the open floor plan, living room with a fireplace and a separate den. Jane, being a raw vegan chef, was also in love with the spacious kitchen with its island and extensive countertops.

Wanting to explore all their options, the Karuschkats decided to look at other manufactured home dealers as well as meet with a realtor to browse local used homes. “Everything paled in comparison to our Clayton experience,” they explained. So the couple made their decision and returned to Andrew at Clayton.

New Clayton Home

Joining The Clayton Family   To simply say that the Karuschkats purchased a home from Clayton is an understatement. With a pile of fresh, local peaches on the countertop ready to be made into a peach pie for the home center crew, Glenn shared, “we feel that they’re family and we believe we are family down there.” He continued, “when it came time to close, they did whatever they had to do to make it happen and make it easier for us. I was just so pleased with that. It was really painless.”

Of course, like all new homes, there were a few bumps along the way. However, after describing dealing with various weather delays during setup and a few service requests, the couple continued to express their confidence in the company. “This is a company that actually does get it done and they care about doing it. They care about your home and they care that you are happy in it…and we really are. The whole process has been a joy and amazing to watch,” Jane added.

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Today, the couple is completely in love with their new home. You might find Jane whipping up amazing raw vegan dishes in her spacious kitchen, Petunia whistling away while she watches intently, or the three of them relaxing on the back porch in the evenings, watching the light change on the mountains and listening to the sounds of the surrounding farms and wildlife. Before leaving their beautiful home, Glenn shared, “we sit on the back porch in the evening and Jane says to me, ‘We get to live here.’ That is such a cool thing. It is everything we need or ever wanted.”

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